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MGA Client Testimonials

"I wanted to take a few moments of your time to say a few words about our experience with Gurry and Associates and your EagleEye tuning software.

As a public sector institution, we are often placed in a position of having to do more with less.  Aging hardware, back versioned software and meager staff resources had left us in the increasingly difficult position of trying to meet the ever increasing computing needs of our agency and our 7,000 students. 

Unidentifiable database crashes had begun to plague us, costing the agency thousands of dollars in lost productivity each time.  Additionally, as our databases ballooned in size over our 8 years of operation, overall system performance had begun to lag to the point that there was simply no longer enough time to run all our necessary after-hours processes and do full nightly backups!  

When MGA came in to perform our three day “Health Check”, Mark immediately identified several critical areas in which our tuning methodology was off-track.  Fortunately he was present during one of our crashes and in pouring through our log files, found the one thing we had all been overlooking all this time.  His efforts went far beyond his obligations to the BOCES and he filled the role both without hesitation and with admirable skill.  He dealt expertly with our businesses’ unique complexities and managed to offer direction, information and suggestions without causing any animosity amongst our BOCES team… even winning over those who originally felt his expertise was not needed!
Additionally, throughout the past year EagleEye has become our first choice analysis and diagnostic tool.  It has become indispensable to us in continuing to build the foundation of what is now a very stable, well tuned Oracle/PeopleSoft system. 

In my opinion, MGA and Mark Gurry in particular were the single best consulting and software investments we’ve made.  Mark is, simply put, brilliant.  He and the knowledge he has programmed into your EagleEye tool are exemplary examples of the talent both Oracle and PeopleSoft Support Services have consistently failed to offer us - on their own software!

In closing, let me say that the responses we’ve received from our end-users have been phenomenal.  You have the undying gratitude of myself, as well as our staff and the taxpayers in Suffolk County NY for breathing new life into our system! "

Eastern Suffolk BOCES (USA)