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MGA Energy and Utilities Capability Statement

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The Market

The demands of an increasingly deregulated energy and utilities market environment are compelling Participants to become more innovative and competitive.

Leveraging the most from the information obtained from industry groups such as NEMMCO and external sources is crucial if Participants are to gain a deeper understanding of trading and operational strategies that enhance competitive advantage.

MGA assists Participants to develop applications and increase the reliability and robustness of the underlying Oracle systems that deliver this mission critical information.

Company Background

MGA was founded in Victoria in 1988 by Mark Gurry to deliver Oracle expertise in database support and development with a particular focus on optimising the performance of systems. Mark Gurry is the author of a series of books published by O’Reilly, with the latest book “Oracle SQL Tuning” the best selling IT book globally during the June 2003.

The company focuses in the utility sector globally, leveraging the work that MGA performs with NEMMCO. Since the national electricity market inception, MGA has continued to work closely with NEMMCO particularly on the market systems.


  • Designed and developed Outage and Switch Management Systems, Outage Scheduling, Operational Planning Systems for bidding in the NEM.
  • Designed and developed InfoServer/Replica with NEMMCO.
  • Implemented many of the NEM participants’ infrastructure requirements for server and database technologies.
  • Designed Settlements Systems;
  • Experience with Avera e-terra products, Alstom ESCA, Habitat;
  • Enhancements and tailoring of existing packaged systems.


  • Australia: NEMMCO, Energex, Snowy Hydro Limited, Yarra Valley Water, VicPower Trading, Edison Mission Energy, Loy Yang Power, Hydro Tasmania and Southern Hydro;
  • International: Bonneville Power Administration, Florida Power and Light, Entergy, Grid South, Midwest ISO and Ercot.


MGA has experience with:

  • Oracle, J2EE, Oracle iDS, Delphi;
  • Nemparser, PIMMS, SDFiler, CSV Files, Replica, InfoServer, Monitoring and Alerts, Habitat;
  • Settlement and Trading, Asset Management, Risk and Forecasting, Market Systems; and
  • Data Transformation services.

Our Capability

  • Design and development of industry specific applications, using resources experienced in the utility sector;
  • Application DBA support including purging and data archiving;
  • Health Checks of your InfoServer environments, to reduce risk of failure and improve performance and robustness;
  • Database replication between Oracle and SQL Server for reporting and DR, using technology currently used in all NEM participant sites;
  • Oracle and SQL Performance Tuning, team managed by Mark Gurry using MGA EagleEye our in-house developed specialist tuning and SLA management product;
  • Upgrades of Oracle Database versions, installation and upgrades of new versions of Replica, by a team of experienced DBAs;
  • DBA cover and remote support services including 24*7 services, by a team who support over 50 contracted clients; and
  • Review your current outsourcer’s processes for managing your environment to ensure they are aligned with best practice.

For more information on Energy and Utilities Capabilities, or other MGA products & services please contact us.