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If you have any issues with any part of the download, please contact webmaster@mga.com.au with details of your issue, and we will endeavour to attend to the problem as soon as possible.

NOTE: We have recently been experiencing difficulties with our email service and have found that some licence key emails have not been sent. If you have downloaded MGA EagleEye and not received your licence key email within 8 hours of downloading, please email webmaster@mga.com.au and we will send you one ASAP.


Don’t hesitate to email us with any suggestions for the product and, especially important, criticisms of the product. We aim to make this tool into the best tuning product on the market.

It is made to be a Tuning tool, and many people tune in different ways. The initial design was built around how our CEO Mark Gurry primarily tunes, and now incorporates the Mark Gurry tuning methodology.