Your Complete End to End IT Specialists.

At MGA, we have a clear vision of IT excellence.

MGA is an established and proven IT consulting and services company. MGA is best known globally as a market leader in performance tuning, but the company offers a complete range of services of the same high quality including IT strategy, database administration support, development and testing services. MGA has provided quality service to our large number of satisfied clients for over 22 years. A strong team of highly trained IT professionals fulfils your every business IT need. MGA has offices in Australia, the United States and England.

At MGA, we produce:

  • Excellence in quality IT business deliverables
  • Highest quality support for your business, when you need it most.

At MGA, we understand that:

  • Most organisations have an IT workload that fluctuates between highs and lows of activity, and it is not cost-effective to employ expensive staff or long-term contractors to handle the fluctuating workload. MGA provides a means of having the highest quality staff, when required.
  • MGA provides this service through our DBA, development and superior IT support agreements. Receiving the highest quality IT support from MGA is similar to turning the tap on and off, as required.

We abide by our values and guiding principles:

  • Teamwork, Respect, Accountability, Customer Focus, Health & Safety, and Excellence.

ALL MGA staff have the added credential of having earned a
“Mark Gurry Certification of IT Excellence.”

About MGA:

  • MGA was established in 1989 as a provider of specialist IT consulting services.
  • The Company head office is in Melbourne Australia with branches in Sydney, Brisbane and San Fransisco.