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Postgres for an Oracle DBA

An Introduction to Postgres for Oracle DBAs David Bergmeier, Senior Database Consultant MGA Introduction This article seeks to introduce Postgres to the Oracle DBA. I will attempt to describe Postgres features using Oracle concepts and terminology. We will only consider the main community edition of Postgres – the free, open… Read More

Converting Oracle to Postgres or EDB Postgres

Migrating off Oracle to Reduce Cost MGA is a database and data specialist company. We support a broad range of databases including migrating from one database to another, for example, Oracle to SQL Server. We are often approached by clients that have a desire to significantly reduce their database maintenance… Read More

Self Service Reporting

Self Service Reporting  Self service reporting typically provides data to a handful of expert Business users who understand the data and the business operations best. The expert business users also understand  how to analyse the data to obtain information that can assist the Company going forward. They can analyse the… Read More