MGA Duplica v3.01

MGA Duplica uses a proven architecture that has been used at mission critical sites such as banks, stock exchanges and the utilities industry for many years. The solution has a low performance impact on the source database, provides high speed replication performance, is highly secure, is robust and highly available and is very easy to administer.

Business Benefits

Ideal for any data replication requirements, MGA Duplica has the following features:

  • Can replicate from Oracle to Oracle or Oracle to SQL Server
  • Runs on Standard Edition (both Oracle and SQL Server) to reduce cost
  • Works with Oracle RAC to assist with scalability
  • Can replicate just the data required and can apply security on access where necessary
  • Can replicate from multiple sources to a single target to allow the viewing of and reporting from an integrated data set
  • Allows Companies to simplify their data to drastically reduce development and hardware costs and provide real time performance
  • Avoids the need for expensive middleware products
  • Can be used for archiving and purging data
  • Maintains a comprehensive audit of all data replicated

Technical Features

MGA Duplica has many appealing technical features including the following:

  • Overcomes issues with Oracle Materialized View replication allowing complex views to be replicated to simplified target tables in real time
  • Supports all Oracle versions in an Oracle to Oracle configuration.
  • Supports replication from Oracle to SQL Server (all versions)
  • Can control multiple schemas and multiple source replication
  • Staggers replication allowing you to replicate critical data immediately and non critical data overnight or as otherwise required
  • Can multi stream the replication to move data in parallel for best performance
  • Has the ability to undo any changes made on the target database with a full log of all changes maintained
  • Simple to maintain, troubleshoot and administer
  • Replicates from views (complex or simple) to tables or views
  • Is written using an architecture that is easily understood by the person administering the replication (no black boxes!)

Main Functions

Data replication, as performed by MGA Duplica, involves the mirroring of changes made to a source database into a target database within a specified timeframe thereby creating a duplicate of the source database.

MGA Duplica is designed to maintain standby databases thereby eliminating the need to undertake time-consuming backups. As MGA Duplica is constantly replicating changes made to the source database, it is also ideal for disaster recovery, wide area network data transfer and data warehousing purposes.

How MGA Duplica works

MGA Duplica is installed on the destination server and connects over SQL*Net or Net 8 to manage replication from one schema to another. To replicate data, MGA Duplica creates a small number of database objects in the target schema (MGA Duplica repository). The graphical user interface allows the user to control the replication of data via two main tools; Replication Manager and Replication Monitor.

Replication Manager allows the user to create their own suites and add tables to these suites. The rate at which data is replicated can be controlled by setting: time intervals, maximum rows that can be downloaded per run, maximum query times, order in which tables within a suite are replicated (to allow for parent-child relationships) and amending the time that the table was last updated. Replication can be commenced or terminated at any time on a suite level, or conversely the entire replication control mechanism can be turned on or off as required. The Replication Manager suites list can be filtered to show specific suites, and may also be printed for reporting purposes.

Replication Monitor allows users to monitor data whilst it is being replicated. Each time data is replicated an entry is saved to an audit log file. Any errors are recorded in an error log file. Both the audit log and error log may be viewed from the Replication Monitor. These logs can be refreshed manually or automatically at intervals specified by the user. The logs can be printed, with the most recent logs also viewable as printable graphs. Target database system resources such as tablespace size can also be viewed.

Environment Support

MGA provides full consultancy to plan implement and monitor MGA Duplica for your organization if required. We don’t simply drop the product off and leave it to you.

For more on MGA Duplica or other MGA Products & Services, or to request an evaluation of MGA Duplica, please contact us.