MGA EagleEye v5.0

MGAs EagleEye Release 5.0 is a tool that is used right throughout the development life cycle by developers, testers, production support and DBAs. It offers a three pronged SQL tuning capability as well as the ability to rapidly capture your sites critical transactions for replay for performance regression and load testing.

Developed by MGA, a 25 years old Australian-based IT products, services and consulting company with offices in the United States and England, EagleEye 5.0 is an extremely cost effective, risk-free solution to software that offers the performance risk avoidance that is usually only seen in the worlds most mission critical databases such as core banking systems.

MGA EagleEye 5.0 Benefits Include:

  • Speed of capture and replay
  • Easy to use/easy to install
  • Substantial performance risk reduction, cost and time saving
  • Ensures SQL is highly tuned well before entering production
  • Allows comprehensive testing in pre-production environments

EagleEye 5.0 provides Performance Regression Testing to remove performance risks following changes that include:

  • Adding or dropping indexes
  • Changing Oracle Paramaters
  • Re-analyzing Tables and Indexes
  • Oracle upgrades (e.g. to Oracle 10G)
  • Changing hardware
  • Operating system upgrades

Finally, an easy-to-use, easy to install Performance Regression Testing tool.

…and it won’t cost your business an arm and a leg.

Regression Testing Features:

EagleEye 5.0 is a unique product that is easy to use and only takes days not months to set up your complete set of transactions for replay. Apart from the time and consultancy savings, it is available for about 1/10th the cost of comparable products.

It allows the rapid capture of the actual code from the critical business transactions that the production users are running for replay. Being able to replay the business transactions offers a variety of benefits.

They include the ability to perform Regression testing to get the immediate impact of any change; performing Load Testing, as well as tracking the response times that the production users are receiving to serve as a Service Level Agreement.

“EagleEye 5.0… is far superior to any other product we have seen, worldwide.”


With more than 12 months of development and in-field live testing behind it, heres what some of those involved in beta site testing of EagleEye 5.0 had to say:

“With EagleEye 5.0 we captured our critical transactions and can immediately replay them after any modifications, such as Oracle parameters changes, index adjustments, disk changes, Oracle upgrades, Operating System changes and other any planned changes.”

“EagleEye 5.0s speed of transaction capture and replay is unique. Not only is it easy to use and quick to set-up, but it is far superior to any other product we have seen, worldwide.”

“We commenced capturing our regular transactions for Regression Testing in Student Administration on Wednesday. By Friday of the same week, EagleEye 5.0 had them replaying for both Regression and Load Testing.”

Behind EagleEye 5.0

MGAs Managing Director Mark Gurry, a world-leading authority and author of Oracle database tuning, said EagleEye 5.0 was more than 12 months in development and in-field testing.

“EagleEye 5.0 really is a unique product worldwide because systems have become core to a business operating effectively and competitively. It is now critical for response times to remain acceptable and, most importantly, consistent as these systems are supporting more users than ever before.”


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