MGA are experts in Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and Bigdata.

When your DBAs take annual leave or are engaged on critical business projects, your day-to-day IT operations can suffer. To ensure that your organisation continues to provide the day-to-day IT services that your business requires, MGAs experienced DBAs are able to provide the short term resources required to get the job done.

Our DBAs, who follow the defined processes and procedures of your organisation, are able to assist with all of your database administration tasks including:

  • Database monitoring
  • Error checking
  • User management
  • Session management
  • Space management

MGA’s Database Administration Support services provide a number of competitive advantages including:

  • Enables your DBAs to participate in critical business projects without your day-to-day IT operations suffering
  • Provides a cost effective way of handling workflow peaks


Database Management Services

MGA can provide a range of Database Management Services including:

  • Health Checks
  • DBA Support
  • Performance Analysis and Tuning
  • Migration and Upgrade Support
  • Disaster Recovery (Planning and Implementation)

Health Checks

First we review the client databases to gather information of any database issues and database health concerns that could affect the database stability. This includes preliminary discussions with the client to get a sense of any current issues or hiccups they have been experiencing.

Then we create a plan to resolve database issues.

We can provide two levels of health checks:

  • Initial or quick overview of general health of the database instance ( 1 day)
  • Detail health check report (5 days)

Issues may include:

  • Error messages
  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Frequent reboots
  • No DR plans
  • Running Old platform
  • Lack of security and planning

Detailed Health Check

  • Database Overview
  • Infrastructure Overview
  • Error messages
  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Frequent reboots
  • No DR plans
  • Running Old platform
  • Lack of security and planning
  • Server workload
  • Documentation, support and licencing
  • Capacity Management and Scalability
  • Back up and Recovery
  • Security
  • High Availability
  • Robustness

DBA Support

We work with the client team on agreed engagement time offering our clients high level database support, management and maintenance. MGA database support helps you extract maximum potential from your database environments through design and implementation of an infrastructure that will ensure your business systems are always up and running. MGA works with you to assess the best outcomes and implement strategies to achieve them, while working with your team.

Performance Analysis and Tuning

We first ask the client if they have or encountered issues such as:

  • Deadlocks
  • Locking and blocking
  • Poor query performance
  • Slow queries
  • Incorrect indexes
  • IO issues
  • CPU bottlenecks
  • Troublesome configurations
  • Problems with memory allocation

We then demonstrate how they may diagnose and attend to any of the above issues.

Migration and Upgrade Support

  • Migration between database types
  • Upgrade of database version within its family suite

Disaster Recovery (Planning and Implementation)

Implement and plan DR such as Log shipping, Database mirroring and high availability solutions such as clusters.


For more information on our Database Administration Support Services, or any other MGA Products & Services, please contact us.