General Advice - Including Standards

  • Educating your staff in “best” Oracle and SQL Server practice, tricks and techniques
  • Putting site standards in place
  • Assisting with the selection and purchase of software that will improve your effectiveness

We are keen to assist your site with one-on-one skills transfer or if you prefer, group training sessions.

MGA has become well known for database health checks and audits and we produce a comprehensive report of recommendations to improve applications, database design and architecture.

MGA offers extensive Oracle application development, DBA, backup and recovery and other standards can be implemented at your site. We can also tailor your existing standards to fit in with world best IT practices.

There are many products that can improve your ability to service your client’s IT needs. MGA has intimate knowledge of software that assists with change management, production support, replication, automated 24 hours a day 7 days a week monitoring and performance tuning.


For more information on our General Advice Services, or any other MGA Products & Services, please contact us.