Getting the most out of your database

MGA is best known for producing best selling performance tuning books and producing performance tuning software. Those that manage sites that have large numbers of application users and tight overnight batch windows know MGA as the ‘go to’ company when it comes to removing the performance risk from their business.

MGA is responsible for putting procedures and standards in place at the most mission critical sites to remove any risk of poor performance well before the code reaches production. Procedures are also put in place by MGA to ensure that the architecture selected, the design, the coding, the testing, the database setup, the application and web server setup, the hardware setup and the network setup are all of a quality that will provide best performance.

MGA has load tested a very broad range of products including SAP, SAP HANA (including replication tools such as SLT), Oracle E*Business, webMethods, Itron IEE MTS, MVRS, Microsoft Dynamics, Cognos, Data Stage, Microsoft Reporting Stack (end to end), Oracle Reporting Stack (end to end), PostgreSQL, MongoDB, mySQL, SQL Server (all versions), Oracle (all versions), network load testing, Sharepoint and many other.

MGA are also experts at testing your new hardware to determine how it compares to other sites running the same or similar hardware as well comparisons to your existing hardware if it is being replaced.

MGA can assist with the following performance related tasks:

  • Tuning your production database and application code
  • Putting procedures in place that will remove your sites performance risk
  • Training in SQL performance tuning for DBAs, developers and other IT support staff
  • Reviewing your application code for high performance and tuning where necessary prior to releasing to production
  • Load testing and regression testing to ensure your critical transactions will perform well under load and that your setup is optimal
  • Capacity planning and Web, App and Database Server setup advice
  • RAC setup and tuning
  • Oracle Exadata setup and tuning

MGA employees are attracted to work for the company because of the company’s speciality in the performance tuning arena. Staff are hand selected for their performance tuning knowledge and breadth of experience. Many have come from sites that are tuned to cope with 10,000 users or more.

MGA EagleEye is a tool used to automate and speed the tuning process. MGA EagleEye is provided free of charge to all clients that acquire an MGA Performance Tuning Support Agreement. The support agreements also include performance tuning training with your code being tuned as part of the training course.

In addition to MGA EagleEye, which can be used to simulate load, MGA consultants are experienced in all popular load simulation tools as well as having our own advanced load testing tools. These tools, combined with MGA’s experience in setting up, executing and evaluating specialised and comprehensive load tests, provides organisations with a cost effective way of minimising the risk of performance issues when new application software is released to production environments.